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Agenore strives to provide efficient, effective and high-professional services to its clients and partners. Because of that, Agenore invests in development of a data base of high-professional consultants, skilled and dedicated to achievement of defined goals, with professional experience in the following fields:

  • Economic development
  • Public administration reform
  • SME development
  • Company restructuring
  • Labour market and HRM policy
  • IT support

How can you benefit from registration in our consultant's data base?

Agenore regularly inform its consultants from the date base about new opened short-term and long-term positions in BiH as well as in other countries where our partner company Eurecna is implementing its projects. Moreover, Agenore is in a partnership with many other international and local companies with which it jointly perform on domestic and international markets.

How to register?

Please send your CV (in the EC form), in English language with clearly defined field(s) of your key qualifications, on e-mail: info@agenore.ba

Register yourself to become a member of the Agenore consulting team.


Draft Action Plan for Agriculture Development in Brcko District Finalised
The Draft Action Plan for Agriculture Development in Brcko District of BiH was finalised, through the completed consultation process with the local actors from agricultural sector, which included workshops and direct interviews. This document is an operational plan for the implementation of develope >>>
October 2008.
Producing of Action plan for development of agriculture in Brcko district BiH
After creation of Strategy for development of agriculture, food and rural development in Brcko district BiH for 2008. -2013. period, Department for agriculture, forestry and water management in Brcko district Government started activities on producing an Action plan for Strategy implementation. Pro >>>
Agriculture Development Strategy in Tuzla Canton Developed
Agenore Brcko District BiH, as a member of the consortium with the Faculty of Economics in Tuzla and Agriculture Economic Institute from Belgrade, participated in a preparation of the Agriculture Development Strategy in Tuzla Canton for the period 2009-2013. This project was funded by the Ministry f >>>
May 2008
Presentation of Analysis on situation in agriculture in Tuzla Canton
Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management of Tuzla Canton awarded creation of Strategy for agriculture development in Tuzla Canton for 2009-2023 period to consortia formed by Agenore, Faculty of Economics from Tuzla and Institute of agricultural economics from Belgrade. After detailed >>>
Strategic planning of agriculture development in Tuzla canton
Drafting of Strategy for agriculture development in Tuzla canton for 2009-2013 period, is awarded to consortia formed by Faculty of Economics from Tuzla, Institute for economics and agriculture from Belgrade and Agenore doo Brčko disrict BiH. The project is financed by Tuzla canton Government throu >>>
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